Software Development Workgroup?

Welcome to the Thunder Power Web site. This site will give you a quick idea of who we are, what are we doing, and why does this website exist.

Who are we?

Thunder Power is a software development workgroup composed of talents in very diverse fields. And Thunder Power Egypt is a subsidairy of UIM Co.

Over the years our members have worked with other software development groups and companies, helping in various ways and providing vital components to business partners. However, we do not yet have any titles of our own but we do have our own projects under development that will be announced when the time is ripe. Our workgroup’s current main focus is game development.

If you would like to know more about us then check the About Us section.


What are we doing?

Among other things our workgroup provides the following to our customers:

  • Complete business solutions
  • Software components
  • Software designs
  • Graphics and web site designs
  • 3D models
  • Sound effects and music tracks

Beside our work relations, we do have our own projects that will be released under our name. As we reach stable milestones in these projects we’ll announce them one by one and provide enough information about them.

What’s the purpose of this web site?

Until we release our own titles, this website will serve as a communication gateway that just tells you how you can reach us. And for that same reason, we won’t bug you with advertisements or force you to buy one thing or the other in each single page of our web site.

This site is still under early construction, if you would like to drop us some comments about the site design and/or content please write to

If you’re seeking technical support please go to the Support section.

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